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A rain gutter’s main purpose is to funnel water off the roof and away from the home. Too much water falling too close to your home can erode the soil around it, compromise the home’s foundation and wreak havoc on the foundation.

Additionally, rainwater dripping directly off your roof can potentially find its way into your home through doors and windows, especially if your roof doesn’t have enough clearance. Rain gutters collect the water and direct it to the downspout, allowing gravity to do its job by letting it flow harmlessly away.

Two Choices in Gutter Repair

The two main choices for gutters are aluminum or steel. At first glance, aluminum may seem like the best choice, but the metal is usually softer and can bend very easily, for example, if you lean your ladder against the gutters. Also, an ice dam forming can cause the metal to bend. Aluminum gutters are also more susceptible to hail damage. Steel, on the other hand, is a harder metal and holds up like a champ – basically, until it leaks and you need new gutters. We use 5-Inch Seamless Gutters that are pre-painted with a baked enamel finish. When done with the roof system, they are tied in together with the interior fasteners. You will end up with a strong, nice-looking gutter system.

We believe it is most efficient for the homeowner to use one company to handle both your roofing and gutter needs.

If there end up being issues with either the gutters or the roof then you won’t have one company blaming the other company and you won’t be stuck in the middle. By letting us handle both of these needs, we will take care of any issues should anything arise. One phone call takes care of it all!

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