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If your home, commercial, or industrial property needs a new roof, who do you call? At Eagleview Roofing Longmont, we have the solution to your problems. From making a building more attractive, to making your home’s roof storm proof, we can help.

Roofing Experience Matters

An experienced contractor should complete your roof replacement, and this is exactly who we are. Eagleview Roofing Longmont contractors are fully licensed and certified, and we are a fully insured company as well. Our personnel is experienced and fully trained; we only use the best materials, proper techniques, and continually keep up with industry standards, in order to remain ahead of the competition in the field.

Roof Replacement Time and Weather Planning is Key

The spring or summer months are most conducive to new roof replacement. Since these jobs typically take a few days, you need to choose a season when weather permits for proper installation. So set your schedule, and consider performing services when the weather is going to allow for it.

Roofing Replacement Cost As a Major Consideration

Cost of material is paramount, so we take the time to fully explain this to customers. We want to offer the best so we inform you of pricing and the options which will fit your budget. Our free estimates will include: covering, fasteners, roofing supplies and materials, and disposal of old roofing materials. Therefore you don’t have to worry about a surprise cost. When you choose us, everything is fully written, detailed, and laid out, prior to us ever beginning services on your roof.

Wood Repair under Old Roof

If wood is warped, damaged, or otherwise compromised, we will suggest doing work, repairing, or replacing it in some instances. Again, we fully discuss this with customers, and inform them of all costs associated with this additional work we perform prior to doing it. Even if we think it is a possibility but aren’t sure, we include it on the estimate so you as the customer have no surprises.

Roof Quality, Durability, Affordability

Since this is work you don’t do often, when replacing a roof, it is important to choose durable, high quality roofing materials in the roof replacement process. The quality material we use is not only durable, but long lasting as well. It doesn’t matter if you settle on asphalt, or energy efficient tiled shingles, we discuss your options, and only offer the highest quality material finish to our customers.

Inspect the Roof

We strive to provide high quality and customer satisfaction and since your roof is an integral part of your home or business, we fully inspect all work we perform. And, we work to ensure you are 100% satisfied with services performed. We check for wind resistance, storm durability, and work to ensure your roof won’t be destroyed, at the first sign of a threat. We also check for ventilation to avoid bubbling, and other issues after installation is complete.

We are the top option from start to finish when replacing your roof. Give our team at Eagleview Roofing Longmont a call to schedule a free estimate inspection today.

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